5 Reasons For An Engagement Shoot

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5 Reasons For An Engagement Shoot

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5 Reasons For An Engagement Shoot


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Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Engagement season is officially kicking off! We’ve been seeing more than a few ring pictures and happy couples as of late. Before planning gets underway, we’d love to take a few minutes to share our two cents about the value of doing engagement photo shoots. For many people getting in front of the camera is a stress inducing thought, but after years in this business we’ve seen that the reward of investing in an engagement photoshoot is great.

See below for 5 solid reasons!

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Gather Events travel inspiration
Sagrada Familia Barcelona Gather Events travel inspiration

Get to know your photographer

Having the opportunity to work with your photog before the big day is super helpful. Not only will you already have a working relationship by the time you start your getting ready pictures on your wedding day, you’ll have a better connection that will allow your photographer to guide you through the photo process which means you’ll likely end up with a better finished product. Doing an engagement sesh also gives you 1 on 1 time to ask your photographer questions that may arise during your session.

Get comfortable in front of the camera

We’re going to be totally honest here, the idea of getting in front of the camera even makes us trepidatious, but when you have a good photographer, they know exactly how to interact with you to elicit your best and make you forget your front-of-camera nerves. It really takes the stress off wedding day photos!

Sagrada Familia Barcelona Gather Events travel inspiration
Sagrada Familia Barcelona Gather Events travel inspiration

A trial run

Many couples choose to schedule their hair and make up trials before the shoot, which adds that extra professionalism to the photos, and allows you to see how it will actually look. You’ll also find that after the shoot, you may have some thoughts about poses, angles, etc that you can talk to your photographer about.

Uses for photos

Depending on how early you do your engagement shoot, you can use the photos for many purposes! You can use it in your engagement announcement, save the date, wedding website, on the wedding day itself at your welcome table, or make a beautiful album that you can have your guests sign as your guestbook.

Have a blast together

Photoshoots really are fun!  You are by no means limited to a classic portrait style session, many photographers opt to tell your story by capturing you in your natural habitat at home, at a favorite spot for real moments, or if you are the adventurous type- in the wild. Either way, you’ll end up having a wonderful time and you’ll come way with great photos and memories to boot.

Photographers have lots to say on the topic! You can read our dear friend Braedon Flynn of Braedon Weddings talk to Loverly about How to Make the Most of Your Engagement Photo Sesh. Or Jenn Tai on Six Tips To An Awesome Engagement Session

XO – The GATHER girls

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