The GATHER Events LA team is deeply rooted in the incredibly diverse creative community that southern California has to offer. Having almost a decade of experience designing and producing all types of events, GATHER has established itself as a tastemaker in the industry. Natasha and Laura have been planning and designing events and have played an integral role in helping to grow the GATHER brand for years. They are passionate about bringing their experience and individual creative voices to a diverse portfolio of projects such as weddings, corporate events, parties, editorial shoots, and product styling. Laura and Natasha are truly a dynamic duo, with diverse backgrounds and unique personal aesthetics, the two have found a way to balance their strengths and create a collaborative and inspiring partnership. These two are the ultimate work wives and the GATHER LA team is a force to be reckoned with!


Laura is a 1st gen GATHER girl, joining the company as the first ever intern, she has grown into a full blown boss-lady. Born in Fort Collins, CO and educated in Boston, MA, she came to LA looking for a creative career and a diverse cultural environment to hone her strengths as a designer. Laura draws her inspiration from her clients with the intention to make every event truly unique, innovative, and personal. With an arsenal of creative talents and an engineering spirit, she can paint, stitch, construct and install any idea into reality. As a leader, she is versatile and articulate and her calming energy diffuses  even the most stressful situations. When she’s not in boss-mode, Laura is our resident comic relief and brings levity to any social or professional environment. On event days, you’ll catch Laura floating around in a vintage dress, identifying problems before they manifest, comforting family and friends, and styling up each and every detail to perfection.


Natasha is the dreamer of the GATHER LA team. She could easily spend the entire day hunting for fresh inspiration in textiles, nature, photography and architecture or swept up perfecting design boards for her latest creative endeavor. When she’s not working on inspiration boards, Natasha wears many other hats including: devoted list maker, contract negotiator, and mama to her daughter, Aero. We’re still not sure how she finds enough hours in the day, but somehow she manages to pour 100% of herself into every role she fills and her take-charge attitude garners respect and admiration from others. Her warm smile, confident demeanor, and calming presence make clients and vendors alike feel at ease on event day. But don’t let her relaxed presence fool you, this girl runs the tightest of ships. Natasha treats her clients like family and you can bet she’ll be encroaching on BFF territory sooner than you know it!


Kelsey is a Southern California native.  After living like a local in Seattle, New York, and London, she found her way back to La La Land as a Gather girl.  Her passionate pursuit of a wildly creative lifestyle keeps her in motion and has allowed her to develop years of experience both within and alongside the wedding industry.  Forever in the business of details and afterthoughts, she is at her brightest with her sleeves rolled up, knee deep in projects and working with her hands.  Whether she’s writing handwritten notes or steaming bridal gowns, she performs gracefully under pressure.  Both in times of challenge and celebration, she takes moments for pause – slow dancing through life, one wedding at a time.


Nettie Rose is the literal glue that holds the Gather team together.  She’s the behind the scenes miracle worker who keeps everything running smoothly, keeps us all organized and generally knows everything about everything! Nettie Rose grew up in Eastern Washington, and followed her passions for dance, art and good food to Western Washington, where she met Sarah in college, and then to Los Angeles where she lives in the heart of the city with her pup, Pippi, who can be seen in many a GATHER photo shoot.  GATHER was initially the brainchild of  Nettie and Sarah, manifested while spending an entire day putting together a single piece of IKEA furniture back in 2003. Don’t worry, they’ve come a long way since then! In her free time, Nettie can be found out exploring the city, traveling near and far enjoying all of the delightful things life has to offer.


Sarah has spent her life thus far doing what she does best:  GATHER!  Whether it’s gathering inspiration, gathering experiences or gathering people together, she is constantly compiling ideas and plans to create beauty and foster collaboration and community.  Having officially started GATHEREvents in 2003, Sarah has over a decade of experience in the events industry and is so incredibly grateful for and proud of the work that the GATHER team does.  From a fledgling dream, through a wonderful partnership with Robin, now of Ro & Co Events, to the exciting collaboration of amazing women it’s become,  Gather Events has always been Sarah’s biggest passion project and she can’t imagine it any other way. When she’s not girlbossing (yes, that’s a word!) Sarah can be found spending hours in the kitchen, hiking in the woods, traveling to inspiring places and curating experiences for the people around her.  She, along with her man and their pup, are currently dreaming of property in the Pacific Northwest where they can host people and celebrations of all kinds.









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